The wide range of Airbus helicopters are able to meet any operative need of any international operator.

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Tourism and private flights

Flying by helicopter allows you to move away from the routine and discover the beauty of unattainable and unique places, whilst simultaneously experiencing the authentic feelings and emotions that you only get while flying.

Corporate / VIP

In today's business world, time is of the essence and success depends on the speed of decision- making and, above all, your presence. In this increasingly overcrowded world, helicopter travel allows you to reach your destinations in a short time, giving off a successful and modern image. In the meantime, you can benefit from the comfort of the exclusive internal design of our VIP Airbus helicopters. A better quality of life, comfort and safety en route to your destinations, aboard your own personal space, with the pleasure of seeing the world from on high.

Emergency Medical Service (HEMS)

When a life is on the line, time is not a luxury, but a vital necessity! Thanks to the compact external size, exceptional visibility and great maneuverability, our helicopters are able to land in confined areas close to the site of the incident. In particular, the EC135 and EC145 models, fitted with rear clamshell doors for easier access and large sliding side doors to allow direct in-flight patient’s loading, are the go-to machines in HEMS (and SAR) missions.

Search and Rescue (SAR)

Thanks to its already proven experience, starting from Alouette II, Airbus Helicopters has benefited from a remarkable knowledge in the Search and Rescue field. The availability of optional equipment ideal for the required work for this type of mission, the cost-effective helicopter management and their employment across the world have all allowed Airbus Helicopters to be able to meet requirements of operators of this important field, be it on the ground (in particular in the mountains) or out at sea.

Off-shore (Oil and Gas)

Thanks to their remarkable experience with these types of missions, Airbus Helicopters has developed the widest range of machines able to meet strict operators’ requirements in an increasingly competitive market. Endurance, performance and a wide range of equipment allow Airbus helicopters to be perfectly suitable for any kind of mission: short or long distance, passenger or cargo transport, as well as the ability to fly in all types of weather conditions. The stability and reduced maintenance of the machines, both features of Airbus Helicopters’ products, guarantee a high capability even in “first line” areas, as widely acknowledged by all the sectors’ operators. Assisted by their experience and success in transportation operations between off-shore rig platforms and the mainland, Airbus helicopters are now beginning to be used in other, emergent sectors as in the maintenance of wind power stations.
The most useful and recommended models for these missions are the EC135, EC145, Dauphin Family, EC175 and all the Super Puma Family.

Aerial Work

Airbus Helicopters is able to meet all your needs related to aerial work and "utility" activities thanks to the outstanding load capacity, maneuverability, quality build and stability of our complete helicopter range. In particular, the Ecureuil family is able to carry out cabin equipment transport missions, heli-lift cargo hook works, the chemical spraying of fields in the agriculture industry, TV and cinema filming and, of course, the transport of the required crews for all of these operations.


Fire-fighting is a tough activity that requires very quick intervention and involves complex operations such as the unloading of water and foam products with extreme precision.
Fire-fighting squads should be able to count on reliable, sturdy and manoeuvrable machines, able to maneuver even in inaccessible mountain areas. The AS350 B3 is the helicopter that boasts the best trade-off cost and unloaded water and, as with the other models, also allows the transport of the required personnel.

Law Enforcement

Surveillance operations and support to State Police, Regional and Municipal Police, Finance Police and Customs, Port Captain’s Office and Coastguard, Fire Brigade, Civil Protection, and Forest Rangers.
With several helicopters widely employed and valued all over the world, particularly in the U.S., Airbus Helicopters is the uncontested market leader.


Pilot training is becoming more and more important to improve aviation safety. Airbus helicopters range is particularly suitable for training missions of all kinds.

In fact, single-engine helicopters offer great maneuverability and high safety standards.
These helicopters are also particularly suitable for specific training such as aerial work, mountain flight and so on.

Twin-engine helicopters range, however, is ideal for instrument flight instruction and missions such as air ambulance and off-shore.