In order to meet the needs originating from the ever-growing attention paid to clear and transparent behaviours by all the economic and civil actors, a Supervisory Board was appointed with resolution dated 17th December 2014. Such decision was taken in the framework of the approval of the Organisation, Management and Control system, implemented in compliance with the applicable legislation on the administrative liability of legal entities (Legislative Decree 231/2001).

The Code of Ethics is the document that conveys the ethical principles – such as fairness, loyalty, integrity and transparency – that inspire our daily behaviours in conducting our business and, more in general, in carrying out any activities in the company, for our Company’s good functioning, trustworthiness and positive image.

The Code of Ethics is addressed to all the employees, the Management and the Board of Internal Auditors, as well as to the freelancers working to help the Company achieve its goals, under the direction and supervision of the Company’s Top Management. All these parties must adhere to the provisions of the Code of Ethics, since any failures to comply with them may result in a damage to the Company itself and to its reputation.

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