Aersud Elicotteri has always been committed to the development of civil aviation: it promoted, together with the Italian Aviation Authorities, the laws and regulations that liberalised the use of the helicopter in Italy. It founded the National Mountain Flying School and organised, for various Italian Regions, important services of institutional interest.
In Italy, Aersud has succeeded in highlighting the quality of Airbus Helicopter production, obtaining more than 50% of the helicopter civil market share (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service, forest fire-fighting, civil defence, passenger transport, corporate and aerial work). Furthermore, it encouraged the cooperation between the Italian industry and Airbus Helicopters. Today, Aersud is developing its activity also in other Mediterranean Countries.
Customer Satisfaction is Aersud Elicotteri’s main objective and as a result customers are advised carefully during the initial search for the most suitable helicopter, and also during other stages such as contracts, finance, delivery and initial flights.
Airbus Helicopters rotorcrafts can fly for dozens of years with careful maintenance, and this work is carried out by the branch Helicopters Italia, which provides customers with technical support service technical support service(