Lightweight single-engine helicopter renowned for its high performance. Particularly suited for aerial work and hot&high operations. This latest version is characterised by new equipment, such as the Vehicle and Engine Multifunctional Display (VEMD).

Technical Data

Max weight 2.250 Kg / 4.960 lb
2.500 Kg / 5.512 lb
(with external load)
Capacity 1 pilot + 5/6 passangers
Maximum cargo sling load: 1-160 Kg / 2,557 lb
Power plant Engine: 1 Turbomeca ARRIEL 1D1
Maximum takeoff power: 546 KW/732shp
Fast cruise speed at max weight 246 Km/h - 133kts
Maximum range
(take-off at max. weight)
666 Km / 360 nm
(take-off at max. weight)

Tourism and Private Flights

The AS350 B2 is part of the Ecureuil family, therefore it benefits from the long-standing experience of Airbus Helicopters of about 30 millions hours of flight. The performances are similar to the AS350 B3 with the same comfort in flight.

Corporate / VIP

The AS350 B2 provides passengers with a high level of comfort and customizable layout thanks to Helicopters Italia support.
The standard avionics system can be integrated with further equipment such as GPS system like a moving map. The good performance allows it to operate even in difficult environments.

Aerial Work

Excellent helicopter for aerial work with a load capacity up to 1,160 kg.
Its remarkable performance make this helicopter suitable for a wide range of missions.

Aerial Work

The AS350 B2 can be equipped with bambi bucket or tanks and it is suitable for fire-fighting missions. Thanks to its maneuverability, it is able to perform a higher number of rotations per hour in comparison to bigger size helicopters.

Law Enforcement

The AS350 B2 is well-known for its wide range of certified law enforcement optional equipment, such as cameras and search light, and for its low sound level, which is essential for this kind of mission.


The AS350 B2 is particularly suited for training due to the versatility of the helicopter. In particularis well adapted for specific training such as mountain flying, aerial work , the fire fighting etc.