High-performance light single-engine helicopter adapted to extreme conditions (very high altitude, hot temperatures) and heavy load transport. An excellent business helicopter, fast and comfortable. On 14 May 2005 the new optimised version of the Ecureuil AS 350 landed on the summit of Mt. Everest at 8850 m. This unimaginable result represents a new world record – this take-off and landing on the world’s highest point is a new milestone in the history of aviation. And the best keeps getting even better - Airbus Helicopters is taking this aircraft to a whole new level with the enhanced AS350 B3e, now H125.

Technical Data

Max weight 2.250 Kg* / 4.960 lb
2.800 Kg / 6.172 lb (with external load)
*2.370 Kg with dual hydraulic system (optional)
Capacity 1 pilot +5/6 passengers
Maximum cargo sling load: 1.400Kg / 3.086 lb
Power plant Engine: 1 Turbomeca ARRIEL 2D
Dual Channel FADEC + Back-up
Maximum takeoff power: 632 KW/847 shp
Fast cruise speed at max weight 258 Km/h - 140 kts
Maximum range
(take-off at max. weight)
650 Km / 351 nm
(take-off at max.weight)

Tourism and Private Flights

The AS350 B3e is part of the Ecureuil family, therefore it benefits from the long-standing experience of Airbus Helicopters of about 30 millions hours of flight. The excellent performance allows this helicopter to operate in every kind of operative mission.

Corporate / VIP

The AS350 B3e provides passengers with the highest level of comfort and elegance in its roomy, air-conditioned, redesigned cabin. The pilot’s workload is considerably reduced thanks to the aircraft’s ergonomic cockpit featuring dual LCD-screen Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD).
The AS350 B3e offers a low vibration level and great comfort for passengers. With its easy cabin access through two large sliding doors, forward-facing seats and large baggage compartments, the AS350 B3e is the ultimate single engine helicopter for the most demanding business aviation customers all over the world.

Aerial Work

The powerful AS350 B3e is reliable, comfortable, safe and cost-effective. The AS350 B3e can be configured, and easily reconfigured, with a long list of certified optional equipment for whatever utility mission you may have. With its lifting power capacity (1,400 kg), endurance and maneuverability, the AS350 B3e is always up for the most rigorous hot and high missions.
The new powerful Arriel 2D engine offers state-of-the-art technology for outstanding reliability, simplified maintenance and low operating costs.

Fire Fighting

During fire-fighting missions, the AS350 B3 is able to carry the same quantity of water per hour comparable to bigger helicopters and planes.
Considering its low operating costs, the AS350 B3 efficiency is the best compared to all the other aircrafts currently performing fire-fighting operations.

Law Enforcement

The AS350 B3e is well adapted to multi-role law enforcement missions: surveillance, command and control, search and rescue, SWAT unit transportation or hoisting of canine units, as well as flying border patrol in hot&high conditions.
The AS350 B3e offers excellent visibility, a pilot-friendly ergonomic cockpit and exceptional endurance and speed.
The unobstructed flat floor cabin concept and low vibration level allow for the installation of all necessary equipment, including fully integrated law enforcement instrument panels, infrared cameras and tactical consoles.