A new reference for helicopter emergency medical service developed by Airbus Helicopters. The H145 offers a roomy, comfortable, bright and silent cabin. Seats and medical equipment are well-located. The large rear clamshell doors on both sides and the large sliding side doors make the access to the cabin very easy. Structure and seats are energy-absorbing. The H145 combines state-of-the-art technology, modern avionics, 4-axis autopilot, new Fenestron® tail rotor and it is equipped with two powerful and modern Turbomeca Arriel 2E engines, each of them controlled by a digital Dual-Channel FADEC. Furthermore, this helicopter fully benefits from the ten-year experience in the BK117 family.
The H145, category A certified, is able to grant a Class 1 performance even in hot&high conditions. The first flight was made in June 2010, while the first worldwide delivery was in 2014.

Technical Data

Max weight 3,650 kg
(All configurations)
Capacity 1/2 pilot + 11/10 passengers high density, or
1/2 pilots + 9/8 passengers standard
Maximum cargo sling load: 1,500 kg
Power plant 2 Turbomeca ARRIEL 2E
Maximum emergency power (OEI): 775 kW/1.038 shp
Fast cruise speed at max weight 268 km/h - 145 kts
Maximum range
(take-off at max. weight)
650 km/351 nm (take-off at max. weight and standard tanks)

Corporate / VIP

The EC145 T2 is the only helicopter in its category to combine a roomy cabin with outstanding external visibility providing passengers with great comfort. This helicopter offers high-set main and shrouded tail rotor, large luggage clamshell doors, extra-thick interior insulation, and special flooring that lessens residual vibration. The EC145 T2, with its sporty yet elegant atmosphere, invites passengers onboard via large sliding doors that provide easy cabin access. Inside, passengers discover the cabin’s stylish comfort and various amenities while they admire the view. With its low sound and vibration levels, corporate and private helicopter users alike can work or relax in the living space.

The EC145 T2 becomes more than a means of transportation in the Stylence® configuration, which merges aesthetics and advanced technology to offer unrivalled passenger comfort.

For those who are looking for both elegance and sportsmanship, Airbus Helicopters provides the exclusive Mercedes Benz interior with 4, 6 or 8 seats configuration, where passengers enjoy a classy and comfortable flight.

Emergency Medical Service (HEMS)

The EC145 T2 provides an unmatched external visibility and a sound level on average of more than 8,5 dBA below ICAO limits. The modern avionics, integrated and intuitive, and NVG compatible IFR equipment, allow the EC145 T2 to perform both day and night missions in total safety. This is the first civil helicopter to obtain the NVG certification.

The EC145 T2 is also well-adapted to handle primary HEMS missions and it is a suitable helicopter also for secondary missions (for instance, it is one of the very few helicopters that allows to embark ECMOs and transportable hyperbaric chambers).

The outstanding performance allows the EC145 T2 to guarantee the optimal operativity in full safety even in hot&high conditions.

Its unobstructed cabin can accommodate a stretcher and up to six rescuers/passengers or two stretchers, three seated persons and all necessary medical equipment. Its rear clamshell doors allow easy straight-in loading of stretchers (as ambulance), while extra-wide side doors provide effortless access for attendants and crew, in addition to the direct loading of the winched stretcher in horizontal flight. Different configurations of the HEMS interior—each tailored to the specific range of missions—are available to fulfill customers’ requirements.

Search and Rescue (SAR)

The EC145 T2 is equipped with a high-performance rescue winch system featuring a lift capacity of 272 kg and a cable length of 90 m that guarantees rescue operations even in the most difficult conditions such as floods, earthquakes, landslides and heavy snowfalls.
Outstanding performance and excellent stability—a “must” for rescue helicopters—make the EC145 T2 the ideal helicopter for mountain rescue operations.The wide windows, apart from facilitating pilots’ work, allow rescuers to have an unobstructed external view.

Off-shore (Oil & Gas)

The EC145 T2 ensures exceptional reliability and performance parameters in extreme weather conditions. It is equipped with two powerful Turbomeca Arriel 2E turboshaft engines that provide an optimal level of safety in one-engine-inoperative (OEI) scenarios. Furthermore, the high-set main rotor and shrouded Fenestron® tail rotor improve safety on the platform. In the Oil&Gas configuration, the EC145 T2 offers comfortable seating for up to nine passengers plus a pilot. Passengers can easily access the cabin via extra-wide sliding doors on either side or clamshell doors at the back for luggage storage.

Operators are well-aware of the EC145 T2 low maintenance level which always guarantees a high operative availability.

Aerial Work

The EC145 T2 is the ideal platform for aerial work and cargo loading thanks to its unobstructed main cabin and its rear clamshell doors. This helicopter is easily reconfigurable, therefore, it is very flexible for every type of mission.

The EC145 T2 was selected by the U.S. Army as the new multi-mission Light Utility Helicopter (LUH). The Army is also evaluating the EC145 T2 as a possible platform for MEDEVAC operations.

Law Enforcement

Fast and reliable, the EC145 T2 can rapidly transport up to 11 officers wherever necessary. Fully NVG-compatible, the helicopter can be furnished with the most modern equipment (such as cameras or search light) to cover every possible mission required by law enforcement agencies.