Thanks to the cutting-edge avionics system and the unmatched autopilot, the H225 has become the go-to helicopter for long range search and rescue missions and off-shore operations in all-weather conditions. With its performance features and cabin size, it is the ideal helicopter for aerial work, fire-fighting or law enforcement.

Technical Data

Max weight 11.000 kg / 24.251 lb
11.200 kg / 24.690 lb (with external load)
Capacity 2 pilots + 19 passengers +1 crew member
Maximum cargo sling load: 4.750 kg / 10.474 lb
Power plant Engine: 2 Turbomeca MAKILA 2A1
Dual Channel FADEC
Maximum emergency power (OEI): 1.776 kW/2.382 shp
Fast cruise speed at max weight 262 km/h - 142 kts
Maximum range
(take-off at max. weight)
1.135 km / 613 nm * (take-off at max. weight with external and central auxiliars fuel tanks

Corporate / VIP

Airbus Helicopters has built a worldwide reputation in the design and production of executive helicopters. Many heads of state and corporate executives select the Super Puma family for its outstanding qualities. The EC225 continues this tradition while offering higher speed, longer range and increased comfort. The vibration level has been significantly reduced thanks to the new 5-blade rotor and state-of-the-art active-vibration control system. The spacious cabin (15.50 m³ / 547 ft³) lends itself particularly well to the transportation of executives. Various layouts are possible with front and rear lounges, galleys and bathrooms for carrying 8 to 12 passengers.
The enhanced soundproofing and the efficient air conditioning system give passengers the impression of being on board a business jet.

Search and Rescue (SAR)

Saving lives in the most difficult Search and Rescue (SAR) situations requires a fast and high-performance rotorcraft. Airbus Helicopters’ all-weather EC225 is just the machine for the job. It is the only new-generation helicopter designed for all manner of SAR and coastguard missions.
Whether operating in arctic or equatorial conditions, the EC225 offers superior performance, safety, endurance and range. It provides an ideal platform for both survivors and crew with its low vibration levels and exceptional comfort. Equipped with cutting-edge technology such as an outstanding human-machine interface and automatic flight control system (AFCS), the EC225 offers pilots everything they need at their fingertips to perform precise, safe and successful missions.
The available equipment fulfills all the rescuers’ needs with its navigation precision systems and detection devices such as FLIR and RADAR. The usual configuration is fitted for three stretchers and six rescuers in the cabin.

Off-shore (Oil & Gas)

The EC225 is the preferred choice of Oil&Gas operators. Integrating the latest technologies, this new generation helicopter leads the field in terms of flight safety. It is designed with flaw-damage-tolerant components (rotor and fuselage), while its state-of-the-art avionics system considerably reduces the pilot’s workload, thus enhancing safety.
Certified for flights in known icy conditions, it offers unequalled levels of passenger safety thanks to the 30-minute dry run main gear box (it is able to work up to 30 minutes after a total oil leak), self-deployable emergency flotation device and the TCAS II linked to the autopilot.
The EC225 complies with the latest JAR29 amendments. Moreover, the helicopter’s role change capacity from passenger transport to light Search and Rescue (SAR) is quick and easy.

Aerial Work

With unmatched lifting-power capacity (4,750 kg sling load), endurance and maneuverability, the EC225 is always up for the most rigorous Hot&High missions and sling work.
Thanks to the helicopter’s state-of-the-art vehicle management system, pilots can concentrate fully on the mission ahead. During sling load transportation, the aircraft’s 4-axis autopilot and landing gear design maintain exceptional stability. Armed with powerful engines and hook capacity, the EC225 makes heavy lifting look easy, while certified equipment and proven procedures ensure the highest levels of safety (such as the hook certified for the HEC operations).

Fire Fighting

Thanks to its incredible versatility and load transport capacity, the EC225 can support fire ground units, offering quick reaction in the most delicate situations.
The cargo hook allows the EC225 to operate with a 4,000 liters bucket and, if necessary, it is possible to install an internal “water bombing” water tank that allows the release of 4,000 liters of water in just 4 seconds.

Law Enforcement

The EC225’s high speed and long endurance make it an ideal tool for law enforcement operations ranging from patrol to airborne surveillance. With the largest cabin and lift capacity in its class, the EC225 can transport SWAT units of up to 12 members and equipment. Sophisticated law enforcement equipment can easily be loaded into the large baggage compartment, accessible from either side of the helicopter. The EC225 offers unmatched visibility and an incredibly discrete noise level for effective surveillance operations. Its state-of-the-art glass cockpit avionics display is compatible with night-vision goggles, which makes it fully available night and day.