Equipped with the modern Turbomeca Arriel 2D engine, the H130 incorporates all the latest state-of-the-art technologies, materials, systems and avionics. This new generation aircraft benefits from the proven experience of the Ecureuil family, resulting in an exceptional availability rate. In the open space cabin, passengers can enjoy the spectacular view and are comfortably seated on a raised “theatre-style” platform in the rear. The forward-facing, energy-absorbing seats provide passengers with ample leg room. The low internal sound level and the efficient air conditioning system contribute to making the journey unforgettable.
Thanks to the optimized maintenance costs combined with a higher safety level, the H130 meets the requirements of operators from all over the world. The Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD®) decreases the pilot workload and enhances further safety even during critical operations.

Tourism and Private Flights

The H130, with its Fenestron® tail rotor, is one of the quietest helicopters in the sky, setting the standard for tour operations worldwide. Its very low sound level is 7 dB below the ICAO requirement and remains quieter than the most restrictive limits defined by Grand Canyon National Park, USA .
The wide, unobstructed cabin with all forward-facing seats can accommodate 1 pilot and up to 7 passengers and provides outstanding visibility.

Search and Rescue (SAR)

The quick and easy engine start-up sequence and the high performance of the H130 ensures rapid and efficient interventions in emergency situations. Its maneuverability and visibility enable the rescuers on board to easily observe the territory beneath and the pilot to land more safely in confined areas. The Fenestron® tail rotor ensures safety in flight when maneuvering close to obstacles and for personnel and patients on the ground.

Law Enforcement

The H130  is ready in no time and easily adapted for all types of law enforcement operations. Its quick automatic engine start-up sequence, excellent performance and availability rate, obtained through an easy and affordable maintenance concept, allow this aircraft to get the job done in the best way possible. The spacious, unobstructed cabin provides exceptional visibility and sufficient space to install all necessary equipment. Its unique quietness (7 dB under ICAO limits) allows pilots to conduct efficient surveillance operations.

Fire Fighting

Thanks to 1,500kg of sling load, the H130 is able to compare to the H125 performance and be efficient and effective alike.
Furthermore, the H130 offers the possibility to carry up to 7 rangers, landing directly where it is necessary. The high main rotor and shrouded tail rotor Fenestron® grant a safe landing on unprepared grounds.

Corporate / VIP

Travellers may enjoy a restful journey thanks to the H130’s very low internal sound level, exceptional visibility and efficient air conditioning system. The Fenestron® tail rotor makes the aircraft extremely discreet when flying over urban areas. This user-friendly helicopter is pleasant and easy to fly for the pilot. The new generation piloting aids, such as the Vehicle Engine Monitoring Display (VEMD®), reduces the pilot’s workload considerably, thus enhancing flight safety.

Aerial Work

The H130 offers an extended operating versatility thanks to its roomy cabin and to its flat and unobstructed floor. These features allow for the installation of a wide range of equipment to grant it an exceptional mission flexibility.
The high performance turns it into a new standard for aerial work. The pilot has increased visibility for long line operations when seated in the energy-absorbing seat on the left side of the cabin.
Thanks to the Vehicle Engine Monitoring Display ( VEMD®), the pilot can more easily concentrate on the mission: an audible warning is emitted when the engine reaches its first limitation. During load transportation, the H130 remains remarkably stable thanks to the design of its landing gear and the large horizontal stabilizer, combined with its large cabin.
The Fenestron® tail rotor ensures safety for personnel on the ground and prevents the tail rotor blades from hitting obstacles when landing or maneuvering in confined areas.