A completely new helicopter, the H175 meets every normative requirements and combines all the new technologies now available on the market. It is a multirole helicopter completely equipped to carry out different missions, such as Oil&Gas, Search And Rescue, territorial safety, police, emergency medical service (HEMS) and corporate/VIP transportation with an endurance up to 600nm.

Tourism and Private Flights

Thanks to its 16 leather passenger seats, the H175 offers high comfort levels and a smooth and quiet environment that boast enhanced soundproofing.
The large windows provide exceptional external visibility.
To further enhance the comfort on board, passengers benefit from a dual zone regulated air conditioning system, which can be turned on even while hovering.
These features make the H175 an excellent helicopter for passenger transportation, providing passengers with a unique flight experience.

Search and Rescue (SAR)

The H175 SAR configuration results from Airbus Helicopters’ proven experience combined with operators’ suggestions. The cabin, which boasts unmatched dimensions and direct access to the stowage area, offers unrivalled flexibility and efficiency.
More than 2,500 litres of fuel tank available allows the required long-range endurance for SAR missions. The high performance assures efficiency in action and safety during hoist operations.

Off-shore (Oil & Gas)

The H175 is particularly thought and designed for Oil&Gas missions. The H175 project has been developed with off-shore operators in mind in order to optimize this field’s requirements. The basic Oil&Gas configuration accommodates 16 passengers providing unmatched safety and long-range comfort. An 18 passengers configuration is also available with 4 seats per row in order to maximize the evacuation speed in sea landing situations. The H175 boasts the highest volume available per seat and the greatest endurance in comparison with other helicopters of its class.

Law Enforcement

Thanks to its spacious cabin and remarkable performance, the best in its class, the H175 can transport SWAT units of up to 16 members, in addition to specific equipment. The outstanding speed and the extraordinary endurance make the H175 ideal for every kind of law enforcement mission, from patrol to airborne surveillance and special missions. Sophisticated law enforcement equipment can easily be loaded into the large baggage compartment, accessible from either side of the helicopter.
The state-of-the-art HELIONIX avionics combines innovation with proven technologies. The four MultiFunction Displays provide all the information regarding the flight, the air navigation and the helicopter in a simple and intuitive way.
The H175 avionics display is compatible with night-vision goggles, which makes it fully available night and day.

Emergency Medical Service (HEMS)

Long-range HEMS missions, such as flight operations over the sea, require fast and reliable helicopters that are able to fly even in extreme conditions as in all-weather situations. The H175 is the ideal helicopter for these kind of operations, which, thanks to its roomy cabin, allows to install all the necessary medical equipment and to embark all dedicated staff needed. The H175 is efficient even in case of high altitude missions thanks to its extraordinary twin-engine and OEI performance.

Corporate / VIP

The H175 boasts the most spacious cabin of its category and it offers a luxury layout with Executive configuration (from 9 up to 12 passengers) or VIP configuration (from 6 up to 8 passengers).
The basic H175 sound level is so low that it does not require any Active Vibration Control System. In addition, comfort is considerably enhanced thanks to its new generation upholstery and improved soundproofing.
The H175 provides large tinted windows equipped with LCD system, hinged doors with electric footsteps and a partition with the cockpit.
During the flight, passengers can enjoy the in-flight entertainment system through the Cabin Management System that allows to manage, among other things, the lighting, the limousine panes level and the entertainment on board.