The H215 is particularly suited for off-shore, SAR, aerial work and fire-fighting missions. This model allows to transport a higher passenger number meeting most of the requirements for SAR/Off-shore missions. The H215 has been specifically thought for aerial work, fire-fighting and utility missions in demanding environments due to its load power capacity and excellent hot&high performance.

Search and Rescue (SAR)

Saving lives in the most difficult situations requires a fast and high-performance rotorcraft. Airbus Helicopters’ all-weather H215 is just the machine for the job. Whether operating in arctic or equatorial conditions, the H215 offers superior performance, safety and high endurance. It provides an ideal platform for both survivors and crew with its low vibration levels and exceptional comfort. Equipped with cutting-edge technology such as an outstanding human-machine interface, the H215 offers pilots everything they need at their fingertips to perform precise and safe missions.

Off-shore (Oil & Gas)

The H215 is the preferred choice of Oil&Gas operators.
The state-of-the-art avionics system considerably reduces the pilot’s workload, thus enhancing safety.
The helicopter has been certified to fly in icy conditions and it offers a high level of unmatched passenger protection thanks to a 30-minute dry run main gear box capability (it is able to work up to 30 minutes after a total oil leak) and a self-deployable emergency flotation device.
The H215 could be easily and quickly reconfigured from passenger transport to Search&Rescue.

Fire Fighting

When it is necessary to unhook more than 3,500 liters of water at the same time, the H215 is the ideal helicopter. The cargo hook with more than 4,500 kg capacity allows to install a bucket of 4,000 liters. Furthermore, it is possible to transport up to 15 passengers, in addition to two pilots. It is suitable for operations in difficult environments, such as fire-fighting missions, thanks to its extreme maintenance simplicity. The state-of-the-art and integrated avionics system makes the pilot’s work easier, so he can focus mainly on the mission.

Aerial Work

The H215 is a Super Puma model particularly dedicated to aerial work, especially in the most austere environments. The cargo sling load capacity of 4,500 kg together with the extremely easy maintenance make the H215 the ideal helicopter for missions in non EU environments or, if required, transport of particularly heavy cargo. The cutting-edge avionics system is the same installed on the H175 and H145. This avionics system simplifies the helicopter’s flight management, allowing the pilot to focus mainly on the missionto maximise maximise safety.